More energy, more life!

The energy you have in your day is like the battery life on your phone. When it gets empty you need to recharge. To increase your energy, therefore, means to have more potential in your day, for productivity, doing things, or just living and feeling incredible.

We can all agree that when you feel energized all is good. Even your mood is improved. You feel strong, healthy, vital.

So, how to increase your energy?

Well, there are two logical paths when it comes to increasing your energy. But first we need to understand what physical energy really is.

Think of it like this, you burn certain amount of calories during each day. Burning these calories releases the energy that you use. So, the first logical way to increase your energy is to input more calories, right?

Well, yes and no.

Taking more calories doesn’t mean that you will use those calories. You risk storing these calories, or in other words getting more mass. This is not optimally healthy. Not a smart strategy, at least not for what we try to achieve.

The second path to increase your energy is a better strategy.

It’s to optimize your system so it uses the energy that it has in a smarter way.

Think of it like optimizing the energy usage of your phone, or unleashing secret reservoirs of energy that you didn’t know you have.

There are 3 secret ways that you can do this.


1. Breathing Techniques.

If you are familiar with the Wim Hof breathing method than you know what I am talking about here.

There are many breathing techniques that help you unleash more energy from your body, but the one that personally helped me the most is the one I will share with you here.

Try to inhale fully, the exhale fully, keep a faster tempo. Do this for 30 times.

Then, at the last breath exhale fully and stop breathing. Keep your breath for as long as you can. At first you might be able to do this for couple of seconds to a minute. Then you will increase your breath holding time but for beginners it’s completely normal to do it for 30 to 45 seconds.

The moment you cannot hold your breath any longer inhale fully and hold your breath again as long as you can. You will feel the energy right here. You will feel how unexplored reservoirs of energy are being released in your body by the cocktail of processes happening.

Do this cycle for 3 times and you will feel your whole body tingling. This is literally like pushing a secret button to get more energy, focus and improved mood. You increase blood flow and oxygenation throughout your whole body. At the same time you are activating your parasympathetic nervous system that stimulates the production of stress release hormones. All of it results in a high boost of energy.

2. Cold Showers.

Taking a cold shower is not something that any human feels comfortable doing.

However, just 10 to 15 minutes under the cold water will give you a supercharge of energy.

The cold water stimulates your nerves on the skin and your brain to increase alertness. They basically tell your brain that there might be danger and immediate action might be required.

For this reason your brain activates processes that release hidden potentials of energy from within you, because you might be in danger and you might need to act fast. It activates your primal instinct.

This stimulates your system to increase alertness, clarity, and energy levels. Endorphins, which are sometimes called happiness hormones, are also released. This effect leads to improved feelings, clarity, more energy and presence.

3. Intermittent Fasting.

What is intermittent fasting?

Not eating or drinking any calories longer than 14 hours and shorter than a day.

This means that you have a timeframe of 16, 18 or even 20 ours when you shouldn’t take any calories, just tea or water.

The easiest strategy to do this is to eat your last meal of the day at 8pm and not eat your breakfast before 12pm the next day. This gives you a timeframe of 16 hours of fasting.

But how does intermittent fasting give you more energy?

Yeah, not eating and getting energy sounds counterintuitive, but that’s exactly what intermittent fasting does. Let’s explore how.

Your body has 2 main modes of using energy.

The first and default mode is using the food you give it when you eat. When your body senses the calories coming in, it spikes the insulin levels to signal itself that fuel is coming and this fuel should be prioritized for energy.

It’s usually glucose that your body uses for energy on this mode.

However, there is another, more efficient way that your body can burn energy, and that’s by using the stored fat in your organism. In fact, that’s the reason why your body stores fat, to later use it for energy.

So when you are not eating for longer than 14 hours you are telling your body to switch modes and burn your fat. This signals your body to send the fat to your liver, make ketones, and instead of glucose use ketones for energy.

This process happens steadily and consistently with no ups and downs like the first mode, meaning we have more energy, feel better and our concentration levels and cognitive function is also higher.

Ketones also are much more efficient and healthier molecules for energy.

What you should remember?

You should aim to increase your daily energy.

The more energy you have in your day the more productive you can be, the happier and healthier you will feel.

How to increase your energy? Increasing your energy is not complicated.

All you have to do is follow few tricks.

Try breathing techniques, cold showers or intermittent fasting and you will feel supercharged.

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