By Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, and Energy Whisperer.

Our society thrives on motion. We are programmed at a young age that we always have to be productive. Motion has been associated with being productive and going someplace.

Let’s face it, society judges, and criticizes us when we are not in motion.

This old paradigm means that we are not being productive members of society and or doing anything. The expectation is that you have to work to prove your existence and even your worth.

This has been the foundation of corporate America for a long time. Though this may have worked in the distant and recent past, I believe many people have suffered because of this.

Many are realizing what had worked once before is no longer working and they want something different. What we are witnessing today is a paradigm shift.


Staying still or not moving is associated with stagnation, weakness, and lack of growth. But is it really?

I believe that when we quiet our minds and drop into our bodies, this is where the magic happens!

What if the joke has been on us all along? And we are buying into the illusion that you have to constantly be in motion to be worthy of anything?

What if the solution is in doing less and being more? Can it be that simple, and is it?


We are at a crossroads. A paradigm shift is occurring. Are you brave enough to take a leap of faith and show up in a completely different way? Only you can answer this, and I invite you to consider it.

Here are the 3 steps to become an Alchemist of Being and create your personal paradigm shift:

1. Contemplate instead of reacting.

This is where we either keep our power or give it away.

We always have a choice. Be curious about situations that are affecting you, triggering you, or bothering you.

Why am I so set off by this situation or person?

When you contemplate, you are allowing yourself to be fully present, and choose how you would prefer to respond.

2. Integrate Mindfulness into your life.

Enrich your life by allowing yourself to be in the present moment.

Any activity that allows you to lose your sense of time is a good one… maybe gardening, painting, playing with your favorite pet, being in nature, enjoying the scenery… these are all examples of mindful activities.

I get some of my best intuitive insights when I am distracting myself from my mind, and I can quiet my mind, and allow myself to be in the present moment.

3. Trust your feelings and emotions.

Your feelings and emotions are your inner barometer, inner wisdom, and inner guidance system that allows you to make the correct choices for yourself.

This is where you know what you know what you know and can’t explain why, yet it is correct.

Sometimes we do not allow ourselves this gift, thinking that this is silly and nonsense, yet it is not.

See the key here is that you are thinking, and not truly having an experience of the emotion. When you step into the emotion and feeling, allow yourself to just be with it.

I know this is challenging, and trust me, those feelings will shift, a lot quicker than the energy and time it would take for you to suppress and control those emotions and keep them at bay.

What you should remember?

We are definitely in exciting times, amidst a lot of chaos and confusion.

Believe it or not, there is much opportunity. I encourage you to not give up and keep moving forward, even if you need to take baby steps.

Remember to stay grounded in the present moment and be in the present moment. This is where alchemy and magic happen!

Dr. Dolores works remotely and has an international practice. Are you ready for your next step?

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