The 5 people you surround yourself with determine who you are and where you will be in life.

If the people you spend your every day with are unambitious, miserable and apathetic, you won’t be any different. If they are happy, positive and motivated, you will also be.

We, as humans, we have tremendous capacity to adapt, to anything.

Environment, circumstances, people… we easily adapt to the things that surround us. It’s a great survival mechanism.

However, in today’s world you can choose who you surround yourself with. And most importantly, what types of people to avoid.

There are 5 types of people that can seriously damage the quality of your life if you keep hanging out with them.

Be kind to everyone, but be ruthless about who you surround yourself with. The effect these people have on you is real. So try to avoid these 5 types of people.


1. The Cynic.

This is the person who believes in the worst of others. They will call themselves a realist, but in reality they are afraid to trust the world.

They believe that everyone is selfish and strongly doubt any sincere behavior. The cynic will always find ways to color something positive with darker shades.

A selfless act is always suspicious for them, carrying for someone has to have some hidden agendas, wanting to make the world a better place without anything to gain is ungraspable.

The cynic will always try to see the worst in people. But that’s not the main reason why you should stay away from them.

They have accepted the worst of people to be the norm in their reality, and if you are with them, they will try to suck you into their perspective, the one where humanity sucks, everyone lies, there are no good people…

They will discredit anything with a more positive note to it. They will call it childish or naive. It’s simply not allowed in their cynical reality. Do yourself a favor, get out of there.

2. The Hater.

Similar like The Cynic, but different in one very important thing. They don’t aim to see the worst in others, their main aim is to see the problem in anything.

Any kind of innovation, novelty and new idea will be met with hate. Every effort to solve a problem will have something wrong with it, in every solution the negative parts will be highlighted so they can prove it will not work.

The Haters will always hate. They will find problems for every solution.

They hate everything because they hate themselves. You don’t need such negativity in your life. Leave them in peace inside their own little negative world.

3. The Avoider.

Personally I hate these people. They are the ones who avoid taking any type of responsibility.

They will be the ones who avoid you instead of saying “sorry”.

The Avoider is a weak individual, one that is unable to face the consequences of their actions.

We are all human and we can all make a mistake. But these people are unable to take responsibility and make things right.

The slightly harder situations in life are too challenging for them, so they try to escape them. And they escape by avoiding.

And at the end, you end up chasing them to sort things out, even though it might not be your place to say “sorry”.

These people do not learn because it’s always someone else who cleans their mess. They do not take responsibility because they are used to avoiding. They keep making the same mistakes that you will have to apologize for later.

Do them a favor. Leave them alone. Let them face the consequences of their actions.

It will help them in the long term.

4. The Skeptic.

These people live in their own small box and according to them their reality is the only reality that’s real.

They cannot play with an opinion that’s different from theirs. They cannot open their mind to novel ideas.

According to them, they know the world. They will even act as if they know more than you, on any subject.

Anything that goes against their views, they will doubt it. Even if there is a solid proof, The Skeptic will invent other theories that confirm their world view.

There is nothing new with these people. They usually live in a boring routine. Do not waste your life with them.

5. The Egoist.

And finally, the person who believes that the world is orbiting around them.

These people believe that they are the most important humans. They think that everything they do is of crucial importance to the world.

Others are always beneath them.

They can pretend that they are happy about your achievements, but in their eyes these achievements are not important. You are not that important.

They lack real compassion and empathy. The Egoist has narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies. So stay away from them, they are not your real friends.

What You Should Remember?

There are certain people you should surround yourself with, and certain types of people you should avoid.

In any case, you should remain humane and be kind. Nothing wrong if you spend an hour with some of them.

However, if these are the types of people you hang out with every day, you will become one of them. A miserable excuse of a life.

Be ruthless who you hang out with.

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