Enlarged pores are many people’s reason why they’re conscious of their skin.

Although pores are a normal part of the body, they can be a nuisance if they’re visible and enlarged.

Yes, pores are normal. But oftentimes people aim for the “flawless”, smooth, and blemish free appearance of the skin, especially now that the natural makeup look is a trend.

Although the visibility of pores can be easily covered up with some makeup, it’s not a long term solution.

To add, makeup may even contribute to the enlargement of pores.

So, in order to understand how to minimize the pores naturally we first need understand what they really are.

If not all, most people know what pores are.

Pores are found all over the body, anywhere where there’s skin.

Some pores are less visible than others, depending on where they’re located.

The most visible and first to be noticed pores on the human body are on the face.

But when pores are enlarged, it’s hard not to notice.

Enlarged pores are quite common and tend to appear larger as one ages.

For some people, genetics is a big contributing factor to their enlarged pores.

Although some people are at an advantage with their pores due to their genetics, that doesn’t mean other people are excepted from enlarged pores.

Other factors such as excess sebum production, sun damage, and loss of skin elasticity due to age contribute to enlargement of pores too.

Regardless of skin type and genetics, many people want to achieve a “poreless” face.


Pores will always be present since they’re a natural part of the skin. Although spa treatments or therapies, skin treatments, and the like can help with this, there are ways you can do on your own to minimize their visibility too.

1. Use Pore friendly Products.

Non comedogenic products are pore friendly because they don’t clog up pores.

But what do clogged pores have to do with enlarged pores?

When pores get clogged, this will stretch them causing them to become enlarged.

2. Exfoliate Every Other Day.

If exfoliating isn’t part of your skincare routine yet, then it’s time for it to be.

Exfoliating regularly has many benefits, and your pores will thank you for it.

Exfoliating regularly helps prevent clogged pores at the same time improves the absorption of skincare products.

With dead skin cells, oil, and more removed from the skin, it helps the skin renew itself better.

There’s no excuse to skip exfoliating your skin now.

3. Keep Your Pores Clean.

The best and basic way to keep pores clean is by cleaning them every day.

By cleaning pores, you’re preventing clogging thus preventing gunk to take place and stretch it and make it more visible.

To supplement the cleansing, don’t forget to apply a makeup remover to ensure that no product is left on your face after washing it.

4. Use Sunscreen.

The sun is a great source of vitamin D.

However, too much of a good thing will not yield positive results.

In fact, the polar opposite may happen.

Sun damage contributes to the loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin, among other things.

But this alone can cause pores to start looking larger.

Sunscreen can prevent this from happening by giving that layer of protection your skin needs to combat the damaging UV rays.

5. Hands off Your Face.

We use our hands every day, for many things, and in many places.

With that said, our hands are exposed and are high to come in contact with bacteria.

If you have a habit of touching, itching, or picking at your face, you may be exposing your skin to bacteria.

Other than bacteria, it may even introduce an infection to your body.

Do your skin and your health a favor by breaking this habit for good.

6. Get a Good Night Sleep.

Notice how your skin looks more dull and tired when you lack sleep?

If you read our articles you probably know that we are big ambassadors for quality sleep.

Cells, including skin cells, regenerate in our sleep.

The lack of it makes wrinkles, dark circles, and pores more visible and prominent.

A simple yet often underestimated solution to this problem is to get the right amount of sleep.

The CDC recommends at least 7 hours for adults aged 18 and above.

Remember, your cells regenerate in your sleep, and it’s not just your skin cells.

What You Should Remember?

Wanting a clear complexion is normal, but so is having enlarged pores. Fortunately, enlarged pores are reversible, meaning there are things you can do to make them “disappear.”

But just like any skin treatment, patience and consistency are needed to get the results that you want.

Besides, these changes will benefit your skin for the better either way.

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