Friday – December 3

Read: Luke 1:26-38; Matthew 1:18-24

Giving and receiving gifts are an important part of the Christmas season. For Advent, prepare a small gift for each of your children. Hide the gifts in relatively easy places to find throughout your home. Have your children take turns searching for a gift, but stall for a moment before letting the youngest child go first.

Younger children may feel as if they have waited a long time, even if they haven’t. While each child is waiting for his or her turn, talk about the excitement of waiting. It can be difficult to wait for something even as small as this little gift, so imagine how exciting it is to wait for and anticipate the gift of Jesus. When all the gifts are found, remind your children that you gave these gifts out of love – how much more must God love us to give us His Son, Jesus!

Discussion Questions:

  • Why do you think we give gifts at Christmas?
  • What is a gift that you’ve been given recently?
  • How has God given you a gift that you didn’t expect or anticipate?

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