The fact that I used to feel confused after reading this passage speaks volumes to how skewed
my perception was. I never would have verbalized this because my ignorance blinded me to my pride, but I used to find my value in appearances and accomplishments – which is why the passage didn’t make sense to me.

Then I met the 6-year-old boy with cerebral palsy who would become my son. People said he was so lucky to have me in his life, but what they didn’t see was how God was using this little boy to help free me from pride and legalism. Something clicked for me when I began to feel the love God had for this child – someone who the world told me had very little to offer, someone the world considered undesirable, someone the world … pitied.

God allowed me to experience the immensity and relentlessness of His love through loving our son – not because of anything that this boy would do for us, but simply because he was our son. Looking into his big, beautiful brown eyes, I began to know more fully the depths of Jesus’ love. When others look at my son through eyes of pity, simply because he is confined to a wheelchair, has different
mannerisms and is developmentally delayed, it breaks my heart.

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