Jenny Hale is one of the coaches we found and we did a little interview with her. She impressed us with her way of coaching. Instead of limiting her clients to one method, she teaches her clients how to become experts themselves and develop their own tools as they go. Here is what she said.


Name: Jenny Hale
Pillar: The Heart
Who is this coach for: For anyone who wants to reduce stress, find inner peace, unleash insane amounts of motivation, improve performance and increase their happiness.
How they can help: By using strategies that are based on science to rewire the brain, bringing the consciousness to the unconscious and releasing trauma energy.

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these Pandemic times?

My family is living in several different countries, so it has been tough not being able to travel freely.

I have been enjoying my stay on a small tropical island in the Bay of Thailand, as the local authorities have managed the crisis well, and we have been able to live a relatively normal life compared with my friends and family in Australia, the US and Europe.

How does the coronavirus pandemic affect your clients? Did it affect you at all?

Some of my clients have been in some kind of lockdown for the whole time, for example the ones in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

Some have had to close down their businesses or pivot in a short time to more online offerings.

It has been stressful for everyone, even in the places where the health threat was less serious.

What are the biggest lessons that you learned in this pandemic?

There’s no rush. Everything happens in its own time.

There is always something valuable to do, even if it is not what you planned to be doing.

The Origin:

Tell us about you, your career, how you started with your coaching career?

I started my career as a marketing consultant, and then developed into a business consultant, executive coach, and trainer in leadership and management.

What was your biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in your life that made you who you are today?

I didn’t discover until I was in my 30s that my early years were highly traumatic, and my nervous system was not operating in a healthy way at all.

I thought that my high achieving, go, go, go lifestyle was a virtue, and the source of my success. I didn’t realize it was a symptom until I burned out.

The Coaching Style:

How do you innovate with coaching your clients?

I focus on science-based strategies to rewire the brain for increased emotional intelligence, productivity, and sustainable motivation.

What’s unique about your coaching approach?

I focus on giving people the tools to empower themselves.

So many approaches to personal transformation are based on an expert (a therapist, a coach, a marketing guru, a personal trainer) telling you what to do and when to do it.

My programs make my clients into their own experts, so they can continually develop new tools to grow and expand for the rest of their lives.

What benefits do your clients get after working with you?

Too many to list here! The testimonials are quite overwhelming.

Most commonly, clients report less stress, more happiness, feeling like they finally have their life in their own hands, more productivity, better relationships, confidence, and peace of mind.

Do you use any specific tools to be efficient with your clients?

I have developed the Hale Method™, which brings the conscious and subconscious into alignment, removing the friction of internal conflicts and releasing incredible amounts of motivation and energy.

The Impact:

If you had a super megaphone that, when you speak into, the whole world will hear your message, what would you say?

It doesn’t have to be this hard!

You can learn basic emotional skills that completely revolutionize your experience of life in just a few weeks.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned in your life?

There is a limit to how far you can get on willpower and hard work.

At some point, you need to pivot to a different form of motivation, or you will burn out.

Your final thoughts?

The pandemic has been particularly difficult for people who used keeping busy as a strategy to avoid spending too much time alone with their thoughts.

With the right tools, introspection can become your secret weapon.

The keys to everything you want are within you, and you can find them and use them, as long as you go exploring with all the right protective equipment.

Where You Can Find Jenny Hale?

if this interview resonated with you and you like to get to know Jenny a little better go at where you will find everything you want about her, her coaching and the beautiful opportunities that she offers. Or, you can watch her video.

You don’t have to live your life on the hard mode. If you want to reduce your difficulty than make sure to contact Jenny as she knows how to help you the best. It was an honor having this interview with her.

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