If men whose partners are considering abortion have a say, what about men in general? Should they have a say? Working now for Care Net to support men’s programs at hundreds of pregnancy centers around the country, I’ve been thinking more and more about how Christian men should engage with the abortion issue. . . and about how we’ve engaged so far.

Care Net recently commissioned a national survey of 1,000 men whose partners chose abortion. The findings matched the women’s survey mentioned above, with men recognizing they were both the top-consulted person and the single greatest influence on their partner’s decision. But the most shocking thing I learned from the survey was that more than half of the men were attending church at least once a month at the time of their partner’s first abortion, yet only 5% sought advice from anyone in their church. This has profound implications for Christian men.

As we consider our say in the abortion issue, each Christian man should ask:

Are the things I’m saying (or posting) sending the message that I would be a compassionate and trustworthy source of help and support to someone facing an unplanned pregnancy?


Am I promoting a culture of grace within my church, or a culture where people would rather face hard decisions alone?

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