Everyone knows that they should lead a more active lifestyle.

It will help you to lose weight, avoid health problems such as diabetes, and live longer.

However, when things such as work, family commitments, and the thousand things on your to do list get in the way of your aspirations, leading an active lifestyle can be the last thing on your mind.

Rather than simply knowing that you should be leading a more active lifestyle, sometimes you need a more substantial reason to stay healthy.

Here are four tips for leading a more active lifestyle that will motivate you to start right away.


1. Make It Fun.

If the idea of pounding away at the gym like a hamster on an exercise wheel brings you out in a sweat for all the wrong reasons, you are not going to feel motivated to go.

Instead, do something a little bit different that you know you will find enjoyable.

Take up a new hobby such as martial arts, indoor climbing, or join a sports team and see what you enjoy doing.

You will stay motivated if it is fun, especially if you worry that you will be letting other people down if you don’t show up.

2. Make It Sociable.

If your choice for a Tuesday night is between working out or going for a drink with your friends, it is likely that the latter one is going to win!

After all, you can be active any time, right?

However, if you combine the two you can stay active and motivate your buddies to work out at the same time.

Rather than meeting in a bar, why don’t you meet at the park instead?

Take a ball with you and you have a game of basketball or soccer.

Baseball equipment is portable and convenient and is easy to put in the trunk of your car.

You could still aim to finish up at the bar if you want to, but you will feel healthier for doing it this way, and so will your wallet.

3. Make It Easy.

If leading an active lifestyle seems difficult then you already have an excuse not to do it.

However, if it is easy, you lose that excuse and are more likely to stay motivated.

For example, if it takes you forty minutes to drive to work and back in traffic but it only takes you 25 minutes to cycle, then theoretically, it is easier to cycle than it is to drive.

You will arrive at work feeling fit and active and not full of pent up rage because someone cut you up on the freeway.

4. Make It a Habit.

It can take between two and three months to turn an activity into a habit but once you have it will be easier to stick to a routine and keep doing it.

The trick is to keep living your more active lifestyle for this length of time. Then if you feel like giving up you will miss it.

You will be feeling more active and energetic by this time, which will keep you motivated too.

You don’t have to make massive changes but if you can fit your activities into your lifestyle rather than trying to force your lifestyle to fit around your activities, you will find it more enjoyable and easier to keep up.

What You Should Remember?

You can make create a more active lifestyle by giving yourself a reason to stay active rather than finding an excuse not to.

Once you have cracked this, you will be able to enjoy a more active lifestyle and better long term health and habits than you enjoy now.

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