Fourth Sunday of Advent – December 19

Read: Luke 1:26-45, 46-55

Imagine being visited by an Angel of God. Then imagine that Angel telling you that you would give birth to the Savior of the World. Oh, and you also have to name the little baby Jesus. This is exactly what happened to Mary, the eventual mother of Jesus.

Mary certainly had some questions for this Angel of God, and the angel Gabriel had some answers for her. One of Gabriel’s answers was this: “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

This statement can provide peace and hope in some of the most unfortunate or difficult situations. Even when we are confused or hurting, nothing is impossible for God. Just as God had a plan for Mary to give birth to the Savior of the World, God has a plan for us in our lives.

Discussion Questions:

  • How do you think Mary felt after being visited by Angel of God?
  • Do you feel like God has a plan for you? If so, what is that plan?
  • How does knowing that nothing is impossible for God affect your perspective on life?

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