Secondly, men can use their voices in the Pro-life movement. 

I know a girl Jordan, who worked at a UPS store in Dallas. A few years ago, Jordan found out she was unexpectedly pregnant, and she was overcome with fear and anxiety. When she told her parents, Jordan’s father began to express how she was a horrible decision-maker, and that she would be an awful mother. 

After this phone call, Jordan was immediately considering abortion. Soon after, she walked into her shift at the UPS store. For some reason, she told a customer that she just found out she was pregnant. The man looked at her, and with great care and intentionality, he said, “I think you are going to be a great mom.” 

As soon as these words left the man’s lips, Jordan began to cry. Those words inspired Jordan to choose life. The words of one man, a stranger, had the power to preserve a precious life in danger.

Men, you have a place in the Pro-life movement. Go serve the single and pregnant women of your local church, throw baby showers for young pregnant women. Be a voice that speaks hope, light, and life into the hearts of those overcome with fear.

It is time to get skin in the game. This is an issue of life or death, and your voice matters.

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