Adoption is often suggested as a solution to abortion within the pro-life movement, and I believe that it is.

After all, I’ve seen it and lived it.

Adoption is the parenting decision I made at age 16 in order to provide my daughter with a life I couldn’t give her at that moment in time. I wrestled with that decision, and with God, throughout most of my pregnancy. For me, it was never a matter of not loving or not wanting to be a mother. No, I loved my baby deeply and wanted the best for her, yet the first time I felt peace during my entire pregnancy was when I finally relinquished my sense of control. That’s when I knew that God would give me the strength to carry out His plan.

Fifteen years have passed since then, and neither myself nor my daughter would be where we are today without God’s redemptive plan.

Yet let me be clear: Adoption isn’t an easy way out, just as abortion isn’t, either. It comes with heartache. For many birth moms, like myself, it is the path that God uses to redeem lives – if we allow Him.

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