One day I felt God speaking to my heart and asking me the question: Why does it matter so much to you if she talks? I thought about all of the obvious reasons why communicating verbally would make my daughter’s life easier – and mine, too, for that matter. How I dreamed of hearing her engaging
with her siblings or telling me she loves me at the end of the day when I tuck her in.

But doesn’t she do those things already? The thought welled up inside of me and stopped me in my tracks. Instantly I recalled how she runs to me and wraps her arms around my neck, smothering my cheek with kisses. And how I hear her playing and carrying on with her siblings every day.

God was showing me how I’d focused so much time and energy on who I wanted my daughter
to be, all in the name of what was best for her; yet I had lost sight of the blessing that she already is, just as she is, nonverbal and all. I was so focused on her talking in the future that I wasn’t listening to what she was already telling me in our everyday life.

As parents, we need to find the balance between pushing our children to be all that God created them to be, while at the same time recognizing that there is absolutely nothing they could ever do (or say) to make us love them more. We must constantly ask ourselves the question: What message am I sending to my child(ren)? Is it one of encouragement rooted in unconditional love? Or is it one that says you are not enough the way you are?

They might receive the latter message every day from the world around them, but we must be sure to send them a far different message at home.

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