What actually is Botox? That’s an excellent question because it is not asked enough.

Most people have their idea of what Botox is and it’s usually wrong.

But that’s what we love to hear because that means we get to be the ones to deliver a major paradigm shift to people who completely misunderstand what Botox is and what it does.

For many people, Botox is nothing more than that weird injection that A list Hollywood stars like to be busted on celebrity gossip for.

In reality, however, the treatment is a lot more than that. It has provided countless individuals across the world with anti aging solutions which have made the treatment a staple of modern medical aesthetics.

It involves injecting the drug to smooth out deep wrinkles on the face, and using Botox for frown lines has become its most popular application.

One way or another, we will need to go over those as well as plenty of more information on Botox provided to us by Manhattan’s MiracleFace MedSpa.


What is Botox Made From?

For many people, Botox is nothing more than a mysterious injection that somehow makes people look younger.

It sounds bizarre and almost like magic at first, but it is nothing more than some clever chemistry that gets the job done.

You know this miracle drug as Botox, but that is just the most popular brand name of the botulinum toxin. This is in the same vein as calling all cars a BMW or all fast food items a burger.

The botulinum toxin is a very special compound with some truly unique abilities. On its own and without proper supervision, it can be a dangerous poison and it has been known to cause harm and even death. But again, please keep in mind that this is when this medication is not under control.

Fortunately, modern medicine has found ways of using the compound for the benefit of society as opposed to its detriment.

Botulinum toxin was actually discovered a century ago and began being used in medicine in the 1950s.

The toxin has a very unique ability to numb certain nerves, which when left unchecked could cause extensive damage to the human body especially when breathed in.

But by injecting a set amount of botulinum toxin into various areas of the bodies, doctors could bring out some very useful results.

For example, in the 1950s the botulinum toxin was originally used in medicine as a way to treat eye twitching.

When the botulinum toxin was injected into the designated spot, it numbed the nerve causing the eye to stop twitching.

How Does This Factor Into Cosmetic Treatments?

Let’s first understand why wrinkles and age marks become visible on our faces.

Wrinkles do not simply form on the top most layer of skin. They go down much deeper than that. Your facial muscles are constantly contracting.

These contractions are responsible for creating wrinkles on the surface of your skin.

The task here is to keep the muscles from contracting and finding a way to relax them. The botulinum toxin is the answer.

When botox is injected into select facial areas it can numb nerves causing contractions in the muscles. Once the contractions stop the surface of the skin smooths out and the wrinkles become a lot more deemphasized.

This is only one of the many applications of the botulinum toxin. There are plenty of medical treatments which utilize the botulinum toxin as well and it works wonders for them.

But as far as cosmetic treatments are concerned Botox has made huge strides in delivering the exact results that patients have looked forward to all their lives.

How Can I Benefit from the Treatment?

There are a lot of benefits to getting treated with Botox. We can list off the smaller benefits at first and get to the bigger ones. Botox is known to lower sweating.

This is perfect for the hot summers when you get drenched in sweat after spending a few minutes in the scorching sun.

When injected into certain areas it can also help calm an overactive bladder, as well as the aforementioned muscle spasms such as the lazy eye.

In the beauty industry, Botox treats wrinkles and other age marks on the face.

By stopping the muscle contractions under the face, Botox is able to deemphasize the wrinkles and make the face look overall a lot younger and fresher.

For many people who suffer from many wrinkles and see them as very distracting, Botox is a lifesaver.

We all have a different self image. Some of us don’t mind having wrinkles on our faces, but there are some people out there who really don’t enjoy seeing them in the mirror.

This is completely understandable since people age differently and have different expectations of how they should look at an older age.

For some people out there, regular skincare and Microneedling treatment are all they need to stay fresh and vibrant.

On the other hand, some people need the more extensive results of Botox as they really wish to deemphasize those wrinkles and make themselves look younger.

Neither of these approaches is wrong, it all depends on your preferences and the kind of results you wish to see.

There are also those who might prefer taking the natural road, probably the one we advise the most. There are also the ones who do not mind looking old. The important thing is to find who YOU are, not what other people are doing, and follow your own style.

What You Should Remember?

At the end of the day staying informed is all about sifting through what is true and what is fake.

There is a lot of misinformation and false rumors spread about Botox and other cosmetic treatments.

Don’t believe everything you read and make sure that the information you have comes from a reliable source. It’s time to change our perception of Botox and see it for all the benefits it has offered to people all across the world.

But keep in mind that we strongly suggest for any decision regarding your health first consult with your doctor.

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