Twenty-three years ago, my mom was a fearful, anxious woman contemplating abortion. Fears of isolation, hopelessness, and rejection filled her mind day and night while the routine demands of life continued to rage on. She initially believed that an abortion would be the best decision for her future, so she scheduled an appointment at her local abortion clinic to have the procedure.

As the nurses were explaining the procedure to her, she hyperventilated and passed out. Thankfully, they told her she was too emotionally distraught to have the abortion, but she was encouraged to come back later. In the weeks to follow, my mom decided to open up to her sister and friends about her pregnancy. She soon realized that her fears of rejection from her loved ones proved to be entirely untrue, and her support system grew in harmony with her baby bump.

Bravely, she made the choice to have her baby, and I get to experience this wonderful world as a result of her bravery. My mom is now actively using her story to help thousands of women that were in her exact position through a ministry called Embrace Grace.

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