Because average bathroom renovations can cost thousands of dollars, it’s only natural to want to save money. You might think that how you save money is by using your DIY skills to carry out much of the renovation yourself.

While some skilled people may be able to pull this off, not everyone will. What’s more, there are far more reasons why this isn’t a good idea than reasons for it being a good idea. Read on to learn why bathroom renovations are best to be left in the capable hands of experts.

You May Not Get the Planning Right
A lot of planning can go into the average bathroom renovation. This is because several tradespeople are required to tackle the job, such as electricians, plumbers, tilers, and builders. Planning also involves making sure you order the right materials and that the showers, toilets, vanities, and baths you pick out are the right size for the space.

If you don’t plan, so many things can go wrong. You may end up spending more on a DIY bathroom than you would if you hired someone to complete the whole project for you.

You Have to Factor in Consents and Permits
If you are changing around your plumbing and/or adding in new fixtures, there’s every reason to believe you will need consents or permits from your local council. If you go ahead with a bathroom renovation on your own and fail to get these consents, it may cost you down the line.

Work that has not been signed off might impact the price of your home if you decided to sell it. You may also find yourself with significant costs if your handiwork failed due to errors that may have been picked up during the consents and permitting stage.

You May Not Choose the Right Fixtures
Some baths, vanities, toilets, lighting, fans, and other fixtures and accessories are better suited to some bathrooms than others. For example, you have to pick a fan that caters to bathrooms of your size.

Therefore, there’s significant room for error when you choose your new fixtures. Sometimes, it’s only after you have installed and used them do you find there are issues. By this stage, you would have spent a fortune on fixtures, only to have to end up paying more.

The Finish May Not Be What You Expected
There’s a reason why people who do not have any experience installing bathrooms often leave It to those who do. They know how to create the perfect finish, whereas you may not.

Take tiling, for example. If you have never tiled an important area of your home before, then the finished result may not be what you had in mind. If that’s the case, you may need to hire someone to fix your mistakes – which can result in more costs than you expected.

The Waterproofing May Not Be Correct
If there’s one thing you don’t want to get wrong in a bathroom renovation, it’s waterproofing. Failure to waterproof appropriately can result in leaks that lead to mildew, mold, and rotten building materials. These can end up costing more to repair than how much the bathroom renovation would have cost with an expert.

Even though it can be tempting to undertake bathroom renovations by yourself to save money, it may not be in your best interests. Avoid possible pitfalls and unexpected costs by hiring bathroom renovation experts from the beginning.

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